Press Release Syndication is among the many magnificent tools we can incorporate into your global digital marketing strategy, which entails producing and distributing press releases comprising newsworthy events about your business.

Press Release Distribution

Our PR syndication has partnered with the nation’s top-tier news services to distribute and publish your press release to a far-reaching network of leading national media outlets and news sites, with targeted delivery to specified trade categories.

Press Release Editing and Writing

Our highly experienced team of professional editors and writers can help you craft an active, compelling, press release that will garner credibility, attention, and respect for your brand.

Outsource PR Strategy

Need help generating a stellar public relations campaign, engaging marketing plan, or social media program? Tap into our exceptional expertise and outsource your PR strategy to our comprehensive suite of PR services.

Campaign Metrics

Why our Press Release Syndication Services Work?


Our secret ingredient of creating impactful PR release is to evolve a news-worthy idea: If a new website has to distribute your press release, it needs to be newsworthy. With a proliferation of meaningful content, news sites are likely to feature your credible and newsworthy story.

The secret sauce to Press releases syndication success is optimization: Keyword-stuffed content is the indisputable way to ensure failure in the media. We optimize and structure your press release for maximum impact.

PR syndication should be periodic: If you do a press release today and none for the whole coming year, the press release is unlikely to be of many benefits to your organization.

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2018 PR Market Leader

PR Syndication Case Studies

Learn how clients we've partnered with have capitalised on PR Syndication opportunities and found success by implementing innovative marketing practices.

What People Say

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Why Choose Rank Me Locally?

Let us reveal real-life examples of how our Press Release Syndication tactics have resulted in success for our clients. Need we say more?

Identifying News-Worthy Stories

At Rank Me Locally, press releases are not just about writing and publishing press releases. We work with our clients to recognise newsworthy stories, guaranteeing impact that would encourage the press to feature your stories, evolving a strategy (and our secret sauce:) in ensuring that each press releases acquires the supreme mileage. And finally ensuring that your PR news is a rewarding and sustained effort. Let us help you make your press releases effective.

Identifying News-Worthy Stories

Upload, Target, Track with Tangible Results

As press releases are published, our unique system tracks each recipient so we can report opens, forwards, and time they were read for. This provides immensely valuable data to associate pick-up metrics from one release to another and offers a roadmap for following-up with key targets. Reports demonstrate all of the primary recipients who received and went through your release, with their name, publication title, position, contact number and twitter handle.

Scalable Campaigns

The Power of Media

In a competitive landscape, the significance of the press cannot be ignored. In online media, the press is not just constrained to big brands. You can make use of this influential medium to get the message about your services and products to the world and attract visitors to your website. But should you dedicate precious in-house resources for press campaigns?

Real Time Analytics

PR Specialists at Your Disposal

Even if you possessed the in-house resources for press releases, generating im[actful online press releases is a specialisation in itself. While press releases are authoritative, they are also a much-abused channel of online marketing. A lot of meaningless content gets published to press sites in the hope that it would get picked up. We make sure that your PR news does not have content that gets ignored.

Lightning Fast Ramp Up

Where Does Your Press Release News Go? Your press release is published to be crawled by journalists, search engines, Media Desk, websites, print media, television, affiliates, bloggers and radio.

  • Online
  • Readers and Consumers
  • Bloggers


Your online press release is sent through 24-7 Press Release broadcasting, it's sent to a horde of online locations where it may be found through key search engines, news websites and our very own Media Desk for Journalists (where hundreds of journalists are registered and want to consume your press release news).

Readers and Consumers

Social media is an influential tool and with our social media share tools, your story may be shared, extending beyond journalists and directly to consumers. When a press release does go socially viral, it may receive better coverage than being picked up by a magazine, newspaper or press release syndication sites. With us, you can get the best of both worlds!


Influencers & bloggers still have great audiences a great number of followers. They continue to grow in popularity with their tremendous following. By having your press release sent to influencers, bloggers, and independent journalists, you are tapping into a reader’s world who believe in what their idols report on.

Grow with Brand SEO

We Create Publicity and Buzz for You

We make Generating publicity look very easy. 24-7 Press Release Newswire not only directs your news to bloggers, journalists, and consumers however we also offer website owners with fresh original content that they will keep their website fresh with industry-related news. Our stories are actively shared on all social media platforms generating that viral buzz.

We Offer Affordable Reach to Your Target

We offer you maximum visibility at minimum expenses and we are one of the most cost-effective tools to enhance your online presence, especially in comparison to other media of advertising. Visibility vs. cost analysis is always a consideration for anyone looking to distribute news to the media, especially if you are a small business owner. We don’t claim to have the most extensive distribution; however, the feedback our customers deliver is that we offer ‘the best bang for the buck’ in the industry making us a brilliant choice for businesses of all sizes.

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